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Movie Review For Goodbye Solo

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This is a lovely movie encompassing sadness, hope and suspense. It is shot almost as a documentary in the life of a Senegalese taxi driver played wonderfully by Souleymane Sy Savane, who is commonly referred to as Solo. He is trying to get into Flight school, as well as looking after his pregnant wife, and adopted daughter.

He happens to come across an elderly gentleman, William played with a great deal of melancholy by Red West (former bodyguard of Elvis) in his taxi-cab, who wants Solo to pick him up on a certain date, no questions asked, and take him to “Blow Rock” where William plans on never returning, all for a considerable amount of money for a taxi driver. speed dating 香港

Solo is a little hesitant at first, as he says in his country, everybody looks after the elderly, even so much as to put food in their mouth if they are unable to do it themselves.Solo eventually takes the money, but is hoping whatever William is planning on doing he can be dissuaded. He suspects William just needs a friend to get him to see how much life is worth living, and so Solo takes on the task of being his friend, introducing him to his lovely step-daughter Alex played by the adorable Diana Franco Galindo, and his pregnant wife Quiera played by Carmen Leyva, who is unhappy at Solo for bringing in a stranger into their home.

Solo charms his way into William’s life, at least the little he knows of it so far, and tries to get William to reveal a little about himself, any family if any, and the reasons why he would like to go to “Blow Rock” and never want to return, Solo tries to get William introduced to his family, his friends and associates, surprisingly the gentleman does seem cordial and sociable at these moments, but there is a deep sadness in his eyes when alone. Just as the audience begins to believe Solo is making headway it suddenly changes, which keeps the suspense enthralling throughout.


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